#SharingSummer Post 1, Get $1 Bash

Summertime is about to get sweeter. We're taking our #SharingSummer celebration to the next level with a 1 for $1 posting bash. Every item posted with the hashtag #SharingSummer earns you $1 bonus dollar. There's more -- for every item posted and claimed, you'll receive an additional $1 bonus dollar. Start posting quickly, this offer is only valid through 6/23 11:59PM PST

Here's the lowdown:

  • Items must be posted between Monday 6/22 6:30PM PST - Tuesday 6/23 11:59PM PST.
    • To earn $1 YRD/item -- items posted do not need to be claimed.
    • To earn an additional $1 YRD -- items must be claimed by Tuesday 6/30 11:59PM PST.
    • Hashtag #SharingSummer required.
    • Each post also counts as an entry to win a $250 summertime gift card. 


1. Who can participate in promotions? Which items are eligible?

Everyone and every item posted with #SharingSummer! The more the merrier. Just follow the rules and enjoy the fun. Items posted between the specified times (Monday 6/22 6:30PM PST - Tuesday 6/23 11:59PM PST.), that meet the promotion requirements are eligible to earn you bonus dollars.

2. When does the promotion start and end?

Items posted between Monday 6/22 6:30PM PST - Tuesday 6/23 11:59PM PST are eligible for bonus dollars and count as entries for the #SharingSummer Celebration. 

3. Do I need to use the #SharingSummer hashtag? Why?

Yes. Hashtags help us track all the items being posted for this specific promotion.

4. Do items need to be posted and claimed? Why?

For the #SharingSummer promotion, items only need to be posted to earn $1 YRD. To earn an additional $1 bonus dollar, your items must be claimed by Tuesday 6/30 11:59PM PST. Requiring that items are posted and claimed assures that desirable items are being given in the store.

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