Shipping Like a Pro: Re-used Packaging Tips + More


Hey there, shipping gurus - I’m lookin’ at you! Below is a quick and seamless guide on how shipping works at yerdle, and a few ideas on where to score re-used, green or free packaging.

shipping pics.jpg

So, a quick breakdown on how shipping works on yerdle:


1. Winner Pays for shipping

Once the item is won, the winner will be directed to pay for a shipping label through Amazon payments.


2. Label is emailed to the Giver

The label is automatically generated, and emailed to the giver. A tracking number is sent to the winner.


3. Print and tape the label on the package

The giver prints to take your package to your nearest UPS location. Track the shipment straight from the app, or go to and input the tracking number. In the near future, we intend to bring back doorstep yerdling by dropping off packages on your doorstep or at any USPS location.


Something to note: An item cannot exceed an actual or dimensional weight of 10lbs. To calculate your dimensional weight use, (Length x Width x Height)/166. 


Not so bad, right?


Here’s also some quick tips for easy packaging materials:


1. Re-use old packaging

Any old box or packaging that you have lying around is the easiest way to package your items - plus it’s reducing excess packaging!

old boxes.jpg

2. Magazines and old newspapers

These are great for delicate items to protect them to ensure your item will be delivered in gifting condition.



3. Score old boxes at a grocery store

Grocery stores a great resource to get free leftover boxes that would otherwise go to waste, and all you have to do is ask!

free-grocery-store-boxes-for-moving (1)

4. Did you know you can mail things in a plastic bottle?

We love the idea of reusing plastic bottles to mail things in them. Check out this great how-to on making plastic bottle mailgrams.

bottle shipping

There you have it, folks - I hope this keeps things as simple as possible so we can all continue to give and receive wonderful items on yerdle.