Special Announcement: The Heartwarming Story of Who Got the Free Car on yerdle

mady and kids

mady and kids Greetings yerdle members! Our community has been abuzz with the incredible generosity of one of our members, David, who decided to give away his car on yerdle. For those who've been following the story, you know that the sweet little Toyota Camry named "Raspberry" was originally David's grandmother's. After being gifted it almost 10 years ago, David and his family recently got a newer car and decided it was time to pass Raspberry along to someone new. This video of David explains exactly why he decided to gift his car to a stranger. We assisted David in his quest by inviting members to tell David why they, or someone they knew, needed his car. David got many, many stories from people of all ages, and his decision was truly very difficult. However, today we are excited to bring you to exact story, verbatim, that won David's heart and helped him choose who should own Raspberry going forward. Without further ado - here is the story from Mady Stovall, a mother and yerdle member since 2012: Dear David, First off, I want to thank you for taking the spirit of Yerdling to an entirely new level with a re-gifting of your beloved Rasberry. Although I assume your children affectionately named the Camry ‘Rasberry’ for its color, in our home of toddlers, ‘Rasberry’ conjures up thoughts of the noise one makes when blowing on a baby’s belly causing them to giggle and squeal in delight! With this thought – I’m writing a

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letter supporting the passing of good ole’ Rasberry to the most deserving person I know… our beloved former nanny, Marisol, and her family. Marisol Martinez joined our family as a nanny in March 2011 to care for our infant daughter and later our son, who entered all our lives in March 2012. Ms. Marisol is the most consistent, reliable, well-rounded, honorable,and loving caretaker one could ask to have as the keeper of your children. She has shaped all of our lives - and we better because of her. Ms. Marisol is married to Victor, and they have two beautiful children, Anna, age 16, and Jose, age 8. Anna is a high honors achieving student and singer with aspirations to attend a university – she has her hopes set on UCLA. Jose is a delightful and remarkably well-mannered boy, who is struggling through his special learning needs. Ms. Marisol and her husband own a taxi, which Victor drives daily – on weekends frequently with the “help” of Jose. I believe Marisol and her family would benefit greatly if you were to pass Rasberry on to her and her family. She could use the car to shuttle the children in her care to different parks or activities in the area. Currently, she does not have a car that she can use for driving the children in her care. We have extra car seats that we would be happy to provide for her. With Anna soon eligible to drive as well, another reliable, safe, vehicle for their family would prove invaluable. My husband has been unemployed since June, so we had to release Ms. Marisol after nearly 2.5 years with our family. We had all believed she would be with us until our children started Kinder. My husband is now thriving as a stay at home Dad – an unexpected mitzvah! Ms. Marisol is working for a new family now, actually for a professional colleague of mine who I believe will appreciate her for the consummate professional she is as a nanny and will respect her for the truly amazing person she is as a mother and friend. If you gift the car to Ms. Marisol and the Martinez family, my husband and I will pay the TTL & registration fees so they do not encounter any unexpected financial burdens. Many thanks in advance for your generosity and consideration! Sincerely, Mady, Zenon, Zora & Baby Zenon Culverhouse   We were blown away by Mady's story, and for the potential for David's car to help so many members of Marisol's family. We can picture Anna learning how to drive in Raspberry, Marisol and Victor moving Anna to college in Raspberry, Marisol being able to take her son Jose to special activities on the weekends, and more. It's incredible how one gift could really change their lives in a meaningful way. And here's a very exciting update: Marisol has decided to make the car a secret surprise for her family, including wrapping the car in a giant red bow (with Mady's help) and unveiling it in the next week or so. We'll be sure to take photos and video, and post them here! Until then, here is a old photo of Marisol, Mady, baby Zenon, Anna, little Zora, and Zenon. Wonderful. mady and marisol