Spread the Yerdle Spirit

This holiday season, support the Yerdle Fund by inviting friends. 

In the spirit of holiday giving, we're doing something special for the month of December. For every new Yerdler that is invited by our community this month, we'll donate $1 YRD to the Yerdle Fund. These donations help community organizations, ranging from women's shelters to animal rescue organizations to school classrooms, get what they need on Yerdle. 

We have a goal to donate $10,000 Yerdle Dollars — that's 10,000 new Yerdlers. Can you help us get there?

The Yerdle Fund was established earlier this year to support impact-worthy causes our community cares about. In fact, the Yerdle Dollars, along with shipping grants, are distributed to causes nominated by members just like you. Organizations can then “shop” for needed items on Yerdle. Here are some organizations we've supported:

  • The Pixel fund in South Berwick, ME rehabilitates and finds homes for orphan cats and dogs. They find items like collars, bowls, animal toys, and blankets on Yerdle. 
  • Mary's Place in Seattle, WA empowers homeless women, children and families to reclaim their lives. Mary's Place looks for women's and children's clothing, household items and toiletries. 
  • Wear & Share in Buffalo, NY provides donated clothes to children and teens in the local community and finds many of those clothes and shoes on Yerdle. 

As a thank you for helping us reach our goal, we're giving every active "Referdler" $10 YRD every time we reach 1,000 new members.  

Yerdle gets better when our community grows. By recruiting friends who give items needed by the Yerdle Fund causes, you can help these organizations source the critical items they need. Help grow this vibrant sharing community and help make the world a little better this holiday season.