Take the #Y4M Challenge: Yerdle for a Month

Are you Yerdler enough to take the #Y4M Challenge? Join the 200+ amazing Yerdlers who have already signed up and replace all your shopping for 1 month with Yerdling instead! We will feature #Y4M stories all month in April. Sign up today and choose your start date.

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What to Yerdle: All the consumer durable goods that you might buy in a month! This means clothes, shoes, bags, books, kitchen stuff, kids stuff, art, decorations, lawn ornaments, sports gear, electronics, random widgets...all of it. What if you didn’t buy anything new, but Yerdled it all instead? How might #reuse change your relationship to stuff?

What not to Yerdle: You should probably still buy your food, if you have a car you still have to buy gas, and maybe if you have kids there are some things you can’t compromise on. Everyone has unique circumstances so take care of your necessities, take care of your family, but consider - how might you stretch yourself outside your normal habits?

Deciding to #Y4M: People come to Yerdle for many different reasons. Some love the feeling of decluttering a home and a life that’s been filled up with things. Too many of our objects are “useful” without ever actually being used. Others love using the value of their extra stuff to get stuff they need. Still others are committed to the reuse mission of avoiding new production and its associated burdens. Most of us represent a mix of reasons and many of us find our relationship to stuff, ownership, shopping, giving and buying gets fundamentally altered, shifted a bit from the mainstream attitudes into a fun cycle that just feels better.

What Yerdlers say:

“I went to the store one day to purchase a coffee pot and standing in the middle of the store I thought what the heck am I doing? I haven't even checked Yerdle yet! I scored a great coffee maker!” - Yerdler Lynnette Henson


“I'm slightly addicted to Yerdle. I argue that it's a much healthier addiction than shopping for things at stores and spending way more money for them!” - Yerdler Ariel Russ”


“We've been moving everything to make room for a nursery. We've been Yerdling like crazy and picking up so many baby things with our Yerdle dollars!” - Yerdlers Ed and Emily Trocious

For some inspiration: Check out Pro Yerdler Natascha Thomson. She has taken up a Yerdle for a Year (#Y4Y) challenge!  Read about her journey since January. Her rationale? Natascha says,

“The mission of Yerdle is something that fits right into my value system. But I am also as vain as the next person. I really like fashion and nice clothing. And I like having a modern and stylish house and garden with “cool stuff”. And electronic gadgets.  So far, I have satisfied my cravings on periodic shopping trips to malls (which I hate) and second hand stores. I like having new things but not shopping for them.” - Yerdler Natascha Thomson

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