The Newest Yerdle Fund Cause's Are Here!

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It's that time of year again - the time we announce the causes we're supporting through Yerdle. We have four new Yerdle Fund organizations. So here's a huge congratulations to the newest Yerdle Fund recipients:

  • Melinda D., Madison Elementary School in Lombard, IL
  • Courtney C., Kirby Animal Shelter in Kirby, TX
  • Kylie, Girl Scouts in Dayton, OH
  • Devlyn M., Creswell Kids in Creswell, OR

The Yerdle Fund was established in 2015 to support impact-worthy causes our community cares about. We donate Yerdle Dollars and a shipping stipend to Cause Leaders so they can "shop" for needed items on Yerdle.

Posting items for causes is a great way to involve your family and friends in the Yerdle community. Tell them what you're up to and help people declutter for great causes.

Madison Elementary School
Madison Elementary School is located in Lombard, Illinois. Madison's music teacher takes on both general music classes as well as art classes, with approximately 490 students. The school is in need of performance props and costuming, as well as art and craft supplies, and items that can be useful in an art or music classroom. 


  • Clay and model magic
  • 500+ feathers
  • Fabric
  • Different colored yarn
  • 90 fedoras
  • 250-500 pairs of sunglasses
  • Musical instruments
  • 500 unused kazoos
  • Various types of apparel for costumes
  • 500 plain t-shirts

Kirby Animal Shelter
Kirby Animal Care Services/Kirby Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter based out of Kirby, Texas on the outskirts of San Antonio. San Antonio has been known to have a high-kill rate because of a severe overpopulation problem, however that’s where KAS is different. The cause leader is a volunteer at the organization because of it’s no-kill policy and because the owner, who truly cares about each and every animal that comes into the shelter. The organization makes sure that each animal finds the perfect human companion. 


  • 50 cans of wet dog and cat food
  • 40 towels
  • 40 wash cloths
  • 10 storage containers
  • 50 toys
  • 10 packages of toilet paper
  • 10 bottles of hand soap 
  • 30 collars
  • 20 puppy and kitten soaps
  • 20 plastic and wire kennels and crates
  • 40 small blankets
  • 40 dog and cat beds
  • 1 shop vacuum
  • 50 pounds of kitty liter
  • 5 out door kennels

Girl Scouts
Kylie is a Juliette Girl Scout, which means she is a Girl Scout, but she does not belong to a troop. It's very hard to continue as a Girl Scout in the senior years and more difficult when you move all the time because of military parents. She is currently finishing up her Silver Award by illustrating a coloring book for area hospitals and setting up book shelves in their ER rooms. Her plan for the Gold Award is to help girls in her area find a dress to attend prom. Tickets are expensive and the dresses are even more! But prom is very important, it helps build self esteem for young girls and it keeps vulnerable teens out of trouble. Her project is called "the Glass Slipper." There is a special dress out there for each girl, they just need to find it. She also hopes to leave this project in operation when she moves to the next town.


  • 250 prom dresses (emphasis on plus size)
  • 250 pairs of formal dress shoes
  • 250 small clutch bags
  • 250 sets of formal jewelry
  • 250 hair accessories
  • 250 strapless bras

Our fourth cause is listed below!

Creswell Kids
In every community, there are children who are not focusing on their ABC's or on math because they are feeling too cold, their feet hurt because their shoes don't fit, or they can't concentrate on empty stomaches. Caring for Creswell Kids works with advocates in schools to meet basic needs for children in that community, so they are free to focus on their learning. The cause leader is passionate about this cause because this is the community they grew up in and where they chose to raise their children. Yerdle will be helping Creswell Kids them further their mission by connecting them with items kids in that community need.


  • 50 pairs of children's athletic shoes
  • 20 pairs of children's pants (preferably elastic waists)
  • 20 hoodie sweatshirts ranging from youth small - adult large
  • Individually wrapped, non-perishable snacks
  • New underwear and new socks