The Queen of "No" Gives a Book!

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Photo1 (52)It’s never been easy for me to get rid of things. It doesn’t matter if its a sweater I haven’t worn for six years, wrapping paper that’s been through 15 holiday seasons, a hot glue gun without the glue stick - I look at each thing, and rather than see how its been gathering dust and taking up space, I see the possibility in it. I always think, “I could use this somewhere down the line.” You could call it optimism, but it also leads to a lot of clutter. This is certainly true for books in my house. Several times over the last few years, my husband has tried to get us to slim down the number of books we own, because our bookshelf is overflowing. We even have a cluttered stacks of books on the floor, catching dust and probably providing nice condominiums for spiders. Despite the obvious need to purge, every time, as we would comb over the shelves together, we wouldn’t get far.

It would go something like this: he pulls a book off the shelf, gives me a questioning look; I wince and say, "Mmmm - No. I’m going to read that next vacation" or something like it. I always think there’s were a chance I’ll read it, or that someday I might need some information in the pages. Book purging was thus always a really disappointing experience, because we’d only agree on a few to give away, and it didn't really free up much space.

But this week, yerdle hosted a Book Party, where everyone is encouraged to post a book they’re done with (and maybe snag a new one!). Thus, I had no excuse. So this past weekend, I went to my same old bookshelf, ready for the disappointing experience of struggling to finding a book or two.

Instead, I found the experience totally different for me.

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As soon as I started thinking of the possibility of someone enjoying one of my books, in fact actually "wanting" it on yerdle and being excited to receive it - it made it SO much easier to give them away! I began seeing each book as an opportunity to delight someone.

It’s always fun to get a new book you’re excited about - but what’s less fun

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is the ~$30 price tag. But on yerdle, every book is totally free. I began pulling off book after book - ones I'd already read, ones I tried to read but never did, ones people gave me that I kept out of obligation but never wanted.

For me, the serial blocker of book re-gifting, it was a breakthrough experience. Suddenly I had plenty of space on my bookshelf, and I felt good about it. What excites me about helping grow yerdle is giving other people the same feeling.