The Yerdle Smile - Happy New Year!

Hi everyone,

What a year for the Yerdle community. We collectively swapped half a million items. Yerdle grew by 4X last year. Together, we saved $10 million dollars by putting what we have to better use. But the numbers can’t capture the humanity of what really took place. In this picture, the smile on Heather’s daughter’s face comes close.

Every item I receive on Yerdle brings a similar smile to my face. It still amazes me that someone gave me something I wanted. The world feels slightly better.

A few years back a friend told me a story from Pema Chodron, a Tibetan monk. It was about how we hold on to things like they're our “last chocolate chip.” The story emphasized that holding onto things seems to protect them. However, sharing the chip actually makes us feel richer than any satisfaction of eating it. At one level, what we are doing together at Yerdle is practical. We are saving millions of dollars and reducing waste. At a deeper level, we aren’t only changing our relationship with stuff, we are changing our relationship with each other. 

Thank you so much for continuing to create such a beautiful thing in the world. I’m honored to be a part of it.

Happy new year,

Andy Ruben, CEO