This camera will make Megan's travels 325% more fun

Camera Winner.001

Camera Winner.001 When yerdle 2.0 was announced this week, it was an exciting moment: for the first time, credits were live inside the app, and people could start using them to bid on items! We were thrilled with one of the early stories that emerged from yerdlers using credits to get the things that they want. This particular story is about Megan. She’s 23, works at Levi’s HQ (yep, the awesome jeans) and lives in San Francisco. Yesterday on her Facebook feed, she saw a post about a yerdle item that was gaining a lot of interest: this Canon EOS Rebel SLR camera. In fact, the camera had garnered 15 different bids from people who wanted to give it a new life. Megan is traveling to Europe in a few weeks, and knew this could be the perfect companion for her trip. For a while she’s had a secret desire to deepen her photography skills, but hadn’t been able to pursue it without an advanced camera. Megan moved fast to download the yerdle iPhone app, and with only minutes remaining, placed her bid of 325 credits. She was surprised and giddy when a few minutes later she was notified that she had won! We asked Megan a few questions about being gifted this camera: photo (1) What was your first thought when you won? My first thought was, “I need to give something back!” Honestly - I started looking around my room, trying to take pictures of anything I could give away. I felt so incredibly grateful. I had just received this really nice camera for free. What's special about this camera to you? I was attracted to it especially because it's a film camera. You really don't see those around much any more. I've always wanted to get better at photography, so this is a great chance for me to explore that. How will you use it? I'm definitely going to test it out this week, since I’ve never photographed with film. Then it’ll go with me to Europe and I’ll use it everywhere on my trip. Maybe I can post a photo from my trip on the yerdle website. What was it like to bid with credits? I've used yerdle before but the system of credits was new to me. I saw that other people had already bid on the item, so I thought I'd put in a higher bid and see what happened. I guess my timing was great, because I came out on top!


It was heartwarming to hear from Megan that receiving her camera inspired her to want to share her own unwanted things with others. We’re all about the spirit of gratitude and generosity at

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yerdle. It'll be exciting to see Megan and other yerdlers pay it forward. Here’s to sharing!