THIS SUNDAY! A Tiny House Tour & BBQ at Yerdle

The Tiny House movement and sharing economy have much in common.

So our post earlier this month about Tiny Houses struck a chord, and we’re continuing to explore the connection between tiny living and the Yerdle community's commitment to sharing - this time, with our very own Tiny House open house in San Francisco.

The amazing team from “Tiny House, Giant Journey,” Guillaume and Jenna (pictured above), are passing through San Francisco this Sunday, and have agreed to park their home in front of the Yerdle HQ for a little Sunday BBQ and open house. We’ll be talking with them about what it means to downsize and simplify, and why the Tiny House movement and sharing economy are perfect partners in helping us all reduce our footprints, reuse valuable stuff, and live happier lives.

After all, at Yerdle we’re focused on a new way to think about our homes, our possessions, and what it takes to be truly happy. And we think the Tiny House movement is on to something.

So come on down to Yerdle HQ, this Sunday, March 29, from noon til 3 pm California time, take a tour of a real Tiny House, and learn more about how you can share your stuff and reduce your footprint with Yerdle.


501 York Street

San Francisco, CA 94110 

Noon to 4 pm