A Yerdle Story: Tidying Up After a Bereavement

John H. from Syracuse, NY shares a touching story about how Yerdle helped him tidy up after his wife passed away. Here’s John’s story:

“When I first heard about Yerdle it was through a freebie site. I love free stuff, who doesn't? I didn’t know what Yerdle was all about, but I wanted the free item, so I got a free DVD and thought that was great.

Now to get this story in proper perspective, I bought a house in 2008 and my wife passed away due to liver cancer in 2009.

We had accumulated possessions over many years of moving and we had a good sized storage bin full of stuff, it just seemed to be piling up and up. On top of that, I buy and resell stuff through wholesale companies, online auctions, and other places; so when my wife passed away, I moved everything out of the storage bin to the house.

I didn’t realize we had so much stuff, but anyways, I continued to sell on eBay, Craigslist, and I put a stand out in front of my house. My daughter sorted through all the boxes, bags, and bins and gave away over 100 boxes to the Rescue Mission and Salvation Army.

I also gave away bedding, holiday decorations, stuffed animals, and much more to my church’s clothing room.

With Yerdle, I can continue to help people. I’ve moved a lot of stuff out of storage and I have used and brand new items that I can give away on Yerdle.

My upstairs is full; seriously, I have a one bedroom apartment upstairs and with the exception of the bathroom, the rooms are full of STUFF.

I believe I’ve found a way to move the stuff out, so continue to check out my page. I will always be listing new, used, and in between items; you never know what will pop up.”

You never know how the item you’re giving can impact a fellow member. Do you have a story or tips to help new Yerdle members?