Timbuk2 partners with yerdle

Timbuk2 Life Cycle (2) Timbuk2's Life Cycle program is founded on the 5 pillars to Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle, and Reimagine. We're so proud to announce that yerdle is the official partner for Timbuk2's Reuse portion of the program!

Life Cycle is the perfect capstone initiative for Timbuk2's mission: to create durable, reusable products that can be useful for many rides, adventures and owners. Similar to our partnership with Patagonia, it's our pleasure to facilitate the reuse of quality Timbuk2 products on yerdle.

Here's the breakdown on Life Cycle:

Timbuk2 Life Cycle (3)


Timbuk2 plans to reduce the need for new product by offering lifetime guarantees on their bags. They pledge to use environmentally conscious materials to carefully construct products that will last a lifetime. It's as simple as using quality materials to create quality product.


Yerdle is being used as the official platform of reuse for Timbuk2 product. In addition to donating some fabulous bags to yerdle, Timbuk2 is also encouraging their customers to yerdle their no-longer-wanted bags.




In order to ensure lifetime longevity, Timbuk2's offering any repairs, free of charge. If DIY is more your style, they've also launched fix-it manuals for self repairs.


Any unwanted bags can be sent back to Timbuk2, who will properly recycle the materials. They'll also issue out coupon codes within 10 days of receiving the recycled bags.


Inspiring people to take repurposing to new heights, Timbuk2's encouraging everyone to submit new inspirations of their bags. Repurpose a Timbuk2 bag into something entirely new, and share your inspirations with them.



Timbuk2's Life Cycle is a glowing example of the necessity for opting for sustainable product. Simple, sensible, yet crucial and effective--it's about building quality items that can be reused and recycled over a lifetime.