Tip: Make giving a habit that sticks

Giving your old items to others is a habit with tons of benefits:

  • Feel lighter and freer.
  • Feel happiness of being generous by giving things away and making someone else's day.
  • Spend less by getting what with the Yerdle Dollars you earn through giving.

But how do you actually cultivate the habit?

One way that we find works for so many of our members is to turn a place in your home into your dedicated Yerdle corner (or Yerdle cabinet or Yerdle room).

1. Every time you find an item that you no longer use, need or want, just place it in the corner. This way you'll have a place for items to live out of your way and test how you feel without them. When you're ready you can post and ship your items to their new homes.

2. Your Yerdle corner is a great place to keep all your packaging and decorating items organized. When the Yerdle Spirit strikes, throw on your favorite tunes and just let you creativity take over. We'll confess, your Yerdle corner could also double as a place to craft, why not?!

Here's ours at the Yerdle HQ! Send us pictures of yours. We'd love to see what beautiful Yerdle corners, rooms, or closets there are out there: email us at YerdleAwards@yerdle.com