Update: The Yerdle Fund 2015

What an incredible year for the Yerdle Fund. In the past six months, 110 Yerdle members donated over $14,000 YRD, which allowed 16 organizations to claim hundreds items absolutely free.

The donated YRD went toward causes from natural history museums to reading programs to wilderness training programs to women’s shelters to animal rescue centers to providing needed school supplies in classrooms.

Here are some highlights of the Fund:

We will launch another round of Yerdle Fund causes this month: please be on the lookout for an email and accompanying blog post.

Donate to the Yerdle Fund! Your YRD automatically transfers to the fund and will be distributed among the next set of approved causes.

The Yerdle Fund was established in 2015 to support impact-worthy causes our community cares about. We donate Yerdle Dollars and a shipping stipend to Cause Leaders so they can “shop” for needed items on Yerdle.