Update: Yerdle 5.4


Release notes: 5.4 is going live on March 16th

This is a big, juicy update we think you'll love! The headline? Posting is faster, Browsing is richer, and Yerdling is more social. Post multiple items at once, or store your posts as drafts to finish them later. Search for fellow Yerdlers and follow their posts by "Liking" them. The Home Screen is curated based on your interests so you can see more items you'll love, and we've rolled out DIY Shipping... what's that? Find out!

More in this release:

  • Customize your Home screen by picking 3 categories you want to follow, so you quickly see things you're interested in. We also populate categories based on your previous likes.
  • Do It Yourself Shipping: By popular demand, find your items new homes faster with Do-It-Yourself shipping! Pro Yerdlers can opt to coordinate & pay for shipping your own items with USPS, FedEx, or UPS. (It's ideal for small items like jewelry.) As a bonus, we're awarding $25 Starbucks gift cards to the 10 Pros who ship out the most items using DIY shipping in March! Offering DIY shipping is a Pro feature but anyone can get a DIY shipped item.
  • Re-designed Posting flow is super slick: Post multiple items, store drafts. Now you can #HyperYerdle -- ready to set a record for most items posted in a weekend?
  • Search for people to "Like" them and follow their posts, message them directly. Find them in the "Me" tab again later.
  • Updated "Me" tab contains all the important sections of your Yerdle account: Profile, My Wishes, Feedback, Yerdles, Items you've Liked, People you've Liked, Account settings, Invite friends, Redeem a Promo Code, and Help.
  • We merged the functionality of "watching" and "liking", so there's just one "like" button to help you follow items you're interested in.
  • The Shop tab shows you everything on Yerdle
  • No more Price Suggestions