Update: "Your transaction has been canceled" Emails


Remember when we said 'buckle-up' for some expected yerdle turbulence a few weeks back? Well we just experienced one of those small bumps we mentioned.

In the past 24hrs, we had a small subset of the yerdle community that received an email from us that an older exchange(s) had been canceled. However, some of these exchanges had in fact been successfully delivered to their new homes.

The reason for the inaccuracy is because they were exchanged prior to our recent update, when we were unable to automatically detect if the exchange had actually been successful. Instead, we used to rely on our members to mark their items 'Received' in order for them to be moved into a 'success' state in our database. Often this action did not happen.

If you were a member that was effected by this, please check your inboxes, as we have expressly made sure that you were unaffected by this error.

Thanks so much for your continued patience and support during this transition!

Best, The yerdle team.