Updates coming to yerdle this Fall

  Hi Everyone,

Yerdle is a community, and in many ways, a family. When we have important updates to share, we always want to bring them to you as soon and as transparently as we can. I'm writing today with a few changes coming to yerdle this fall, regarding shipping prices and the yerdle website experience.

Let me start with shipping. With our current (heavily subsidized) shipping prices of $2, $3, $4, we lose $2.73 on every transaction. This deep subsidy was a great investment early on to get the yerdle marketplace thriving, but now it's not scalable as we grow.

Over the summer you may have noticed we started testing new shipping pricing formats that reduced the subsidy, while minimizing the impact on the number of exchanges yerdlers make. Over 5 weeks we have been testing various options, and here’s how yerdlers voted in their behavior:

We like keeping a $4 price point for items like small jewelry, clothing and books. $5 will cover most items, and $6 is for bigger items like small appliances such as blenders and coffee makers. The new pricing will also, we hope, cut down on items that don’t have mainstream appeal, such as small batches of partially used cosmetics. It is still okay to post almost anything on yerdle, but we hope the new pricing will encourage slightly higher quality shopping.

The next big change is our yerdle website. We launched a poorly executed website early this year connected with our daily email - we only showed the most recent 50 "Get It Now" items, we didn't enable bidding on auctions, etc. There are so many limitations to our current website that its difficult to enumerate them here. At the same time, we invested more resources into our app to make it the best sharing economy shopping experience out there. While a very small percentage members used the website frequently, 95% of yerdling has been happening in the app.

Bottom line: over the next few weeks we will re-engineer our web page so that it is primarily an “about” page for yerdle with links to download the app. It will no longer be possible to post and win purely on yerdle.com. We are placing some of our freed up capacity into Android, and plan to release an Android version in the first half of next year.

We are doing something really big together, and it is critical to us that you know where we are headed and why. We welcome your questions and feedback. Please drop us a line at support@yerdle.com!

- Andy Ruben