Weekend Workshop Day 1: Let It Snow!

Are you short on time but long on holiday spirit?  Hate to spend money on once-a-year-only decorations but love to give your home a  festive look?  We totally get that, and we can help.  

We've put together simple and inexpensive craft projects that we'll share with you during the next three days.  Stick with us and come Monday, you'll be surrounded with sensational holiday trimmings.    

Capture the best of winter in a jar using minimal materials and lots of creativity.

What we love about these:  They're dream-come-true winter wonderland scenes--no snow shovel required and not a drop of melted sludge in sight.  

What you need:  
Glass jars (any size or shape)
Epson salts, iodized salt or white craft sand
Small ornaments, trees, miniature toy cars, animals and people
Glitter (optional)

What to do:
1.  Wash your jar.  You're going for sparking clean and smudge-free.  Any dish washing detergent should do the trick; just steer clear of "Brillo"-style soap pads that'll scratch the glass.  To remove stubborn crud and/or give extra shine, soak the jar in white vinegar.   

2.  Cover the bottom with salt or craft sand. There's no "right" amount.  Use your best creative judgement.  Simply make sure there's enough to sink your decorations into.  

3.  Add decorations.  Firmly plant your decorative elements in the "snow."  Get as creative as you'd like with this step.  Make a mini-outdoor scene or a set up a fantasy frozen world.  Vary shapes and sizes.  Stop from time to time and take a head-on look (rather than a top-down view) of your scene and make adjustments as needed.  

4.  Sprinkle glitter (optional).  Add a bit of sparkle by sprinkling glitter over your tiny tableau.

How to use them:   Place your snowy tableaus on the the dining room table as a centerpiece. Put them on the kid's nightstands, your fireplace mantel, the entryway table--any place you want to add a touch of whimsy.  Give them as gifts just as they are or use them as "packaging" for gift cards. 

Where to find inspiration:
Here are a few scenes we found to be sweet, pretty, funny and altogether inspiring.

Things can get a little topsy-turvy this time of year.  Go with the flow and turn your jar on its side for a horizontal scene.  Courtesy of poppytalk.com


Sometimes it takes a village.  Other times it takes a trio to make a village.  Consider making several winter scenes and grouping them together for maximum impact.  

Add a few natural elements to create a scene with authentic outdoor feel.  Courtesy of tenpennysplendid.com

A snow drift can be the perfect stage for displaying almost any element.  Raid the kids' toy box for wee folk who might look and feel right at home inside a snow scene.  Courtesy of cdnmetroparent.com


If you've got a steady hand and a keen eye, skip the jar and go mini.  Make a scene using glass balls meant for tiny terrariums.  Courtesy of mysocalledcraftylife.com

Super short on time?  Skip the jar altogether and glue your elements to a lid.  Courtesy of gentrileeblog.com

Now that you're fully prepared and properly inspired, get started!  When you're done, share the photos of your winter scenes on our Facebook page.  Then come back tomorrow for Day 2 of our Weekend Workshop and the "how-to's" for making versatile and festive Pom-Pom Garlands.