Weekend Workshop Day 2: Pom-Pom Power

garland large.jpg


We're keeping our promise of a weekend dedicated to quick, easy and inexpensive decorating projects with our Day 2 pom-pom pick.  If you started with us yesterday, you're already proudly displaying your winter-scenes-in-jar.  (You may have even tucked a few away for holiday gifts).  If you missed it, it's not too late. Follow these couldn't-be-easier instructions for making a "snow" lovely scene.  

Spread holiday cheer throughout every room in your home with a project that's simple--and simply addictive. 

What we love about these:  They are "the little craft that could."  These single balls of yarn deliver maximum impact when they're chained together as a garland.  
Once you get into a rhythm, making pom-poms can be relaxing and meditative--the perfect antidote to holiday hustle-bustle and stress.

What you need:  
Sharp scissors
Fork and/or two toilet paper rolls

What to do:
1.  Wrap the yarn.  Wrap your yarn multiple times across the tines of your fork to create a full-shaped ball.  If you want to create a larger pom-pom, hold two toilet paper rolls side-by-side and wrap your yarn around them width-wise.  

2.  Tie it off.  Wrap a 6" piece of yarn around the yarn ball on your fork and draw the ends up between the two middle tines to tie off your pom-pom. Slide if off the fork.  Alternatively, wrap a 6" piece of yard around the yarn ball on your toilet paper rolls.  Draw the ends up in the space between the two rolls and tie off your pom-pom.  Gently shimmy it off the rolls.  

3.  Trim.  Use sharp scissors to cut around the looped yarn and shape your pom-pom.  If you're committed to a perfectly round pom, use sharp cuticle scissors to get your edges just so.  

4.  Tie.  Use the long "tails" of your pom-poms to tie them to a length of yarn to create your garland.  Once they're in place, trim off the excess tail.  If you've made small and large pom-poms, tie them on in an alternating pattern.  If you want a thicker garland, tie the pom-poms to a length or ribbon or rope.  

How to use them:   Drape garlands around the room, across the top of entryways, along the staircase banister, across your fireplace mantel or around your tree. Use them to outline window frames and door frames.  Create a garland table skirt by hanging them along the end of a dining table.  Hang leftover pom-poms on your tree or use them as package toppers.

Where to find inspiration:  You can customize the look of your garland simply by playing with color, size, pattern and spacing.  Here are a few that got our creative juices flowing.  

The elegant color scheme and delicate nature of this garland makes it perfect for those taking a pared-down approach to holiday decorating.  Courtesy of abeautifulmess.com

garland big and bold.jpg

These pom-poms pack a pow!-pow! thanks to a generous size and a bright color scheme.  

An earthy palette brings a bit of color to nature-inspired tree decor.  

Variegated yarn and tight spacing create a garland with an abundantly upbeat vibe.  

This mixed-media garland adds popcorn to pom-poms for more texture and visual interest.  

Extra poms don't go to waste.  They make cute package toppers.

OK.  It's as simple as that.  You've got everything you need to start your pom-pom garland project.  Be sure to share photos of your completed (or in-progress) project on our Facebook page.  We'll see you tomorrow for our third and final Weekend Workshop project--Simple Citrus Potpourri.