Welcome to the "100 Club"


Guest blog by Tenille Marie Pro Yerdler and #Y4M Challenger.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with things. My siblings dealt with me putting away their toys while they were still playing. My desk at work was always cleared at the end of the day with everything in files and put away. Yet, I started collecting at a very young age too. I read voraciously and our bookshelves quickly had double stacked shelves. In my early 20s, I owned an antique store and later went on to be a rare book dealer and appraiser.

Fast forward to present – I am disabled but surrounded by my years of collecting and still have the bug for finding the diamond in the rough. I feel a connection to my things as more than old business inventory but as items I’ve discovered, "friends” who have been with me during my illness, or items that require someone to have knowledge of a certain aspect of collecting to appreciate their value.

I discovered Yerdle a few days before my little brother died. I threw myself into Yerdling. I started meeting people who collected similar items and were excited to get my packages. Instead of watching people pick things up and question the value or purpose of a piece at a yard sale, I was able to see people truly appreciate items which made the purging process easier and packages mailed with a smile. Yerdle helped me get through those difficult days by providing a focus but also because of the wonderful group of fun, caring, and creative people.

Yerdle for a Month sounded like a great way to reset my brain from collecting to only buying items I needed at this point in my life. When I committed to #Y4M I also made a personal goal of posting 100 items in those 30 days. I quickly met others who made the same goal and every day the 100 #Y4M club is growing.  People who thought it was a good idea but not something they personally could ever do are sharing that they have posted 50% or more of the 100 Yerdle goal. Once you get started and see the items going to new homes where they are appreciated, you start seeing your belongings in a different light. Is that item being appreciated and used in your home? If not, pass it on to someone else who will enjoy it! Maybe that blender has been on someone’s wish list for weeks!

All of us in the “club” have different reasons for joining just as everyone in the #Y4M group has different reasons for committing to not purchasing. Is our goal to make a room less cluttered? Our house? Our life?

One of the things I’ve noticed since putting Y4M and the 100 Club into practice is that not only are my intentions toward things different but also my intentions toward relationships. By changing my behavior toward things and being deliberate about what I am bringing into my life and what I am releasing, evaluating my relationships feels natural.

While #Y4M is really about how we acquire items, how much we are letting go of is the direction of most of the discussion in our group. Without planning to when they started, several people are Yerdling at a pace that will put them well over our 100 item goal.

Experts say that it takes 30 days for a habit to being routine. We are over half way toward changing our thought pattern to more deliberate decisions that fill our lives with joy not clutter!