What Our Users Are Saying About Us!

Everyday we message a small percentage of our user base to see how likely (on a scale from 1-10) they would be to recommend Yerdle to their friends. Additionally, they always have the opportunity to leave a comment about why they gave the response they did. We take great stock in these responses, both to learn what is working, but more importantly to inform ourselves of what still needs work. Here’s a little taste of some of our favorites!

“I have a lot of friends like me, who don't mind buying used, want to save money, want to give, and like staying out of the store when we need something!” -- Angela J., 8hrs ago

“Definitely, a great website to "sell" items you no longer use that are collecting dust, while being able to purchase items for such a great price! So easy, and very addicting!” -- Nico L., 13hrs ago

“I like the convenience and getting credit fort items in exchange for other goods, it's amazing compared to just having to give away my things to goodwill and get nothing in return” -- Lenor S., 8 days ago

“It's pretty nice overall. I wouldn't recommend it for Android users though because the app is very buggy and crashes all the time. It seems like there are some limitations for Androids as well. And the desktop website is terrible too. Perhaps it's a smoother experience for iPhone users.” -- Cameron F., 10 days ago

Cameron, thank you so much for your comments! Our initial goal with Android & Web was to allow people to at least use Yerdle as quickly as possible. To do that, we created what we call MVPs (minimum viable products) for each platform. Since their release, our number one priority has been to get them up to parity with the iOS app. For instance on Android, we have reduced the crash rate by 10%! We’ve also added the ability to make a wish for something you are looking for; a track tab, so that you can easily manage all of your Yerdles in one place; and coming soon is the ability to like people.

“It's an awesome way to declutter and feel good about where your stuff is going!” -- Linnea W., 23hrs ago

“It is quick & easy. Love how easy shipping is to take care of.” -- Brandy F., 2 days ago

“I've found good homes for stuff that I wanted to see appreciated, not chucked in a bin at Goodwill. And I've found so many things I wanted, for no more than $4-6 to have them shipped. It's fun shopping other people's treasures for free!” -- Eva S., 3 days ago

“I think the concept is fabulous... But the website layout is a little confusing. It would be nice to have category labels (Women's, Home, etc.) or tabs at the top instead of having to scroll down to find them.” -- Judy L., 6 days ago

Judy, we totally hear you! We know that shopping on the web is preferred by many of our users & our goal is to make it as seamless as possible, which is why we have recently added search and browsing by category.

Our roadmap is defined by our community. So if you have any ideas, thoughts, suggestions (or even a compliment ;)) our Happiness Team loves to hear them at support@yerdle.com.