Why I Save All My Thank You Notes

People tell us all the time the beauty of Yerdle lies in its community. Something extraordinary happens when you realize you’re posting and packing up your seldom-used items for someone who will put them back into circulation. Its sharing a part of yourself. One amazing aspect of these exchanges is the notes and messages that come with them. I save every single one.


The thank you notes remind me that there’s a person out there who took the time to photograph, describe, post, and pack something that was once either dear to them, or something that sat in their closet until now. This item was close to them, and now it is close to me. The giver expresses gratitude in the giving: there’s nothing holier than that.

Here is a collection of my favorite thank you notes. In this season of Thanksgiving, I’m thrilled to share my collection of thank-yous with all of you.