Windows of Yerdle: Introducing our new logo & visual identity

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It felt essential, but it also felt a little crazy -- setting out to reduce by 25 percent the amount of consumer durables that we all need to buy. We believed powerfully in the idea exponential reuse, even though we couldn’t have imagined how yerdle would evolve.


Even our name reflects the desire to capture a vision of something that didn’t yet exist.  Yerdle truly has become a place where giving and getting are symbiotic.  Nonetheless, our evolution continues.  We know we have much work still to do, but it’s time to mark a important moment on our journey.


Every picture tells a story.  It’s time for the tales we tell visually to more fully reflect the wonder that we yerdlers feel every day. It’s time to open the window to the magical world of the yerdle -- its people, its partners, and the opportunity it provides for all of us to make a positive dent in this world.


We wanted a logo that would illustrate how yerdle transforms excess into generosity and commerce into community. We wanted to create a frame that would embrace and spotlight the individuals and hero items that make wishes come true every day.


Our new visual identity beckons us to invent endless combinations of color and play. The spectrum of colors, from vibrant red and yellow to calming blue and teal, and even nostalgic cream, are the perfect palate for a community that is constantly reinventing itself. And the windows of the Y-E-R/D-L-E provide an evergreen vehicle to celebrate the sumptuous diversity of yerdles and yerdlers.


Our tagline, "Shop Freely", has multiple meanings that strike at the core of our mission. It conveys the idea that we don’t need to pay exaggerated prices for things we want, and that getting something from a friend or neighbor, is a more delightful way to shop. Yerdle celebrates the freedom to connect and build relationships, and the freedom to take back our communities from hollow consumerism. That’s the essence of the product experience, which we're committed to creating: one that is easy, fun, freeing, and inspired.


We hope to transform the consumer experience across the world. We hope "Shop Freely" becomes a metaphor for a new economy that's better for our wallets, our communities, and the planet.


It’s each and every one of us that will make yerdle’s mission a reality. So, here’s looking at you!

—Tamsin and the yerdle team

Tamsin Smith leads Brand & Partnerships at yerdle.


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Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 2.45.53 PM