Yerdle and the Tiny House Dream’ll admit it, I’m obsessed with Tiny Houses. I’m delighted by the concept of a whole house - kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom - that’s less than a few hundred square feet. The incredible attention to detail, the challenge of designing an efficient and livable space, the opportunity to live with less stuff - all trigger my inner minimalist into wondering if I, too, could take that radical step toward a simpler, happier, more sustainable life.

But much like the couple at the end of the Portlandia episode, I’m not actually sure I could pull it off. As the man on the couch says, “I’m down,” but can’t there be a middle ground? What’s the junior-varsity version of the Tiny House lifestyle? And what’s up with all the clutter in Carrie and Fred’s Mini-micro-tiny-smallhouse? Couldn’t they Yerdle a bunch of that stuff?

I suspect that a lot of Yerdlers share a similar aesthetic. We want to simplify, even if we still like having extra closet space and a regular-sized sink.

For the next month or so, we’re going to be featuring our favorite Tiny House content - cool space-saving hacks, de-cluttering tips and tricks, and, yes, tons of eyeball candy for people who love Tiny Houses. We’d love to hear from any Yerdlers who’ve made the jump into a Tiny House, or who took significant steps toward reducing clutter in their lives.

If you’re like me, you know the feeling of relief that comes from Yerdling something that’s not serving you anymore - that feeling of freeing up space in your life. If you’re a Yerdler, you know you get the added benefit of receiving great stuff that you can put to good use. At the end of the day, that’s what Yerdle is all about - whether you’re living the Tiny House dream, or just dreaming it.

Pass it on.