Yerdle Celebrates Shark Week

Shark week is here and we couldn’t be more excited! More than a few of us here are fans of these beautiful and largely misunderstood creatures of the deep. We thought that we might share some of our tips on making the most of your shark week:

Binge on shark videos
While primetime tv will be full of shark action this week, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your fix online. Youtube is chock-full of videos about sharks and Netflix has the excellent documentary The Blue Planet that explores the world beneath the waves, including quite a few of our toothy friends. 

Visit your local aquarium
Feel like getting front seat tickets to see some sharks? Get on out to your local aquarium to see them in action, not to mention aquariums are sure to be nice and cool. Beat the summer heat and learn about the mysteries of the deep! What’s not to like? Find your nearest aquarium by visiting The Association of Zoos & Aquariums website.

See what our shark friends are up to
By using Ocearch’s worldwide shark tracking app, you can keep an eye on where your favorite shark is headed. To get started, check their website here, or pick up their mobile app for Android or iPhone.

Get your shark on
When all else fails, blow up the kiddy pool, toss on the shark costume you scored on Yerdle, and chill with a cool drink - send pictures!

While you’re enjoying shark week this year, we want to remind that we are in danger of losing these amazing creatures due to changes in their environment. Whether it’s through overfishing, loss of habitat, or pollution, much of this damage ties back to unchecked consumerism. You can do your part to help keep sharks around by simply shopping smarter and keeping our world a cleaner, greener place through reuse!