The Yerdle Fund: Meet Three Inspiring Recipients

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Today we’re honoring 3 inspiring Pro Yerdlers who have stepped up and done something incredible. Cyndi F., Leah W., and Taylor S. have each completed a Yerdle Fund campaign, using Yerdle to do good for others and inspiring the community to help. Cyndi F. collected warm coats for men, women, and kids receiving services at a homeless shelter close to her heart in Virginia, and she inspired a local drycleaners to donate free cleaning services for the whole shelter.

Leah W. gathered over 100 items of women's professional attire to help ladies get back on their feet and make a splash at job interviews in Columbus, Ohio. They're all being donated through the non profit, Dress for Success.

Taylor S. was already putting together backpacks full of winter necessities for folks living on the streets of her hometown, Philadelphia, and her YerdleFund campaign helped top off the packs. She's also making connections with a women's shelter and a local councilwoman to expand her work.

It’s a community effort to make each campaign happen, so thanks go to each and every person who donated Yerdle dollars, paid shipping $USD to send an item, or posted something great for these campaigns:

Eric P., Shelbi M., Jennifer V., Jamie H., Taylor R., Houri P., John E., Surelyne L., Kimberly R., Kristine A., Adam W., Cyndi F., Aletha S., Erin A., Lily L., Heidi H., Dawn I., Jillane S., Ryan T., Mami P., Jackie C., Kaitlyn D., Carlyn M., Leslie D., Alisa W., Amalie F., Steven B, Lynnette H, Stephanie S,Sara DLeah W., Alexzis F,Kathy Thompson S,Steve V, Surelyne L, Natascha T, Traci B, Emma H, Nikki P, Jennifer D, Kim R,  Danielle D, Sondra H., Brenda G, Dominika Z., Sam W., Patricia M., Sierra S., Naty D., Maria G., Ken T., Nicole F.,  Stefanie D., Olga B., Amalie F., Glenda G.,  Kathleen W., Jennifer H.,  Nancy M.,  Lizzie H., Miranda K.,  Robin A.,  Giavonni G., +many more who helped in the first round of Taylor's Dignity Drive

Truly, the impact of Yerdle extends far beyond happy wallets.  We are transforming how people relate to the ownership of things — and doing so in a way that preserves (rather than depletes) our natural resources.  This is a personal transformation for many, and it’s also an opportunity to send needed things to new homes and to organizations. All the items Cyndi, Leah and Taylor collected might have sat in the back of closets or gone to the landfill, but now they’re helping people who need a hand, people who need community support.

The Yerdle community enables us to get what we need without breaking the bank, empowers us to turn our belongings into a gift for someone else, and facilitates relationships that make life rich. This ethos is what underlies the mission of Yerdle.