Yerdle is Better With Friends

What do slip’n slides, fondue pots and Yerdle have in common? They are all better with friends!

Yerdle is where you give new life to old stuff by swapping what you no longer need for items you do. Because all the items come from our members, there is more opportunity for swapping when more members contribute. The more we give, the more we get! 

This is why we rely on the enthusiasm from members like you to help grow this vibrant sharing community. We recently took a poll of some of our most active sharing members, our Referdlers, and we discovered these are the top 3 favorite ways to spread the word.

#1 Comment in a Facebook Group. There’s a Facebook Group for every topic, from parenting to local garage sales to crafting. Search for groups in your area with themes that relate to Yerdle, such as: decluttering, thrifting, "buy nothing", green living, DIY/upcycle, etc. Join the groups (be sure to read the rules) and share a note about your personal Yerdle experience, inviting people to try it. Here’s what you might say:

Since this group is all about thrifting, I thought folks here would want to know about a great app I use for finding and swapping unique items: Yerdle. It's a place to turn things you don’t need into things you do and find really unique stuff (even vintage and collectibles). I got some great items on Yerdle, including <insert items you got>. When you give an item on Yerdle, you get a virtual currency you can use to shop in Yerdle. Here's a link to sign up and start with $35 < insert your referral link > (no pressure of course and ignore if this doesn't interest you!)

#2 Text Message or Conversation. Chat over lunch with a friend, in line at the grocery store or bring up Yerdle with your book club, church group or at a garage sale. Show a favorite #yerdlewin to get others excited about sending what they no longer want to a good home and get unique once-loved things from others. Here’s what you might say:

Oh this shirt? I got it on Yerdle! It's a swapping app where you can give away what you don’t need and get things from the community you might want instead, like this snazzy shirt! Let me text you my link to sign up to start with $35! 

#3 Your Facebook Wall. Lots of us share our life happenings on Facebook and Yerdle is a great example of something to share. The best part is that you can tag friends or family you think might especially like Yerdle. Here’s what you might say:

Hey @Debbie @Monica @Bruce @Mom I think you guys would love my new favorite thing: Yerdle! I got my Halloween costume on there and I’m doing my holiday shopping too. It’s the most ecological and economical way to get what you want and help others get what they want. There’s something for anyone and everyone on Yerdle. Join me! Here's my link to sign up to start with $35< insert your referral link >.

Of course, modify all these blurbs to fit your own excitement and voice! 

There are so many reasons to share Yerdle and so many people who might love it. Spread the #yerdlelove so idle items find happy homes, we all save more money, waste stays out of landfills and living the sharing life dream gets easier.

If you want to learn more tips and ideas for sharing Yerdle, be sure to join our Referdler Facebook group