Yerdle Is Growing Up


Giant Kelp, or Macrocystis pyrifera, can grow as fast as two feet a day, up to 150 feet tall, in kelp forests in the Pacific Ocean. Yerdle is growing too, like a baby growing out of a onesie and stumbling to her feet. Remember what it was like to grow, like, an inch or two in a year? It was awesome (and a little bit scary).

We were fairly pumped last Thanksgiving when the Yerdle Store was stocked up with 3,000 items that you posted. If you had told us then that within six months the store would grow to 28,000 items we would have all fallen off our chairs. At the same time.

But it’s true. We have 28,000 items in the store. And they’re all moving quickly to new homes and new adventures.

We have a Women’s Collection that is bigger than ever, and a ton of amazing stuff for babies and toddlers. Like this, the most lovable Love Bear. A super-cool bottle drying rack. A tweet-tastic tweety bird costume.

If you check out the kids’ section, it’s an equally impressive potpourri of clothes, toys, books, and games.

We were tickled to learn that Yerdle has the same number of members and merchandise moving through it as Etsy did in it's third year. We’re huge fans of Etsy, the maker marketplace. They’ve been an inspiration to us, and we aspire to continue on this trajectory.

We positively rely on the feedback of the growing community of Yerdlers who recognize they can get a significant chunk of the things they need from other Yerdlers. There’s over 320,000 of you now. Seriously.

You probably have a few friends who haven’t joined Yerdle yet. It’s OK, we know you’ve been busy, what with the last episode of Mad Men and all. But now that excuse is gone.

So … get your friends in on the Yerdle fun. Imagine being able to shop the closets of your most fashionable pals. See how this could work?

For every friend you refer to Yerdle in May, we’ll give you 20 Yerdle Dollars.

That’ll buy you a whole heap of teddy bears.