Yerdle Makes Soccer Mom's Day (Season)!

Today, a very special moment happened at Yerdle -- let's call it Yerdle magic. Here's what happened in Shira's own words.

My personal fantasy of reuse came true today.
My son is 7 and plays soccer. We will need a “new” pair of soccer cleats every season for the next several years. Why should I buy these new when I know they’re sitting in people’s closets? And they only get worn for 3 months at a time?
Well today, I received this amazing pair in his next size from a Yerdler in Southern California. My Yerdle dream? To never buy another pair of soccer cleats again. And to Yerdle all our old gear forever and ever. And ever.
Thank you, Yerdle! You fulfilled my wish and my dream.

- Shira L.

What's great, is that moments like these happen every day in thousands of Yerdler's homes. We'd love to know if you've experienced Yerdle magic too!