Yerdle Super Mom Gives us her Savings Breakdown

We were really excited when yerdle super-mom Felicity wrote a sweet blog post about how she's turned her clutter into really useful, valuable stuff using yerdle. Below is her favorite yerdle win - an Ergo Baby Carrier worth $115 new! ergobaby


Felicity provided an in-depth review about her experience, tips, and savings on yerdle, for fellow moms. She even created this handy chart below, to track her exact savings on yerdle.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 11.50.22 PM

Felicity saved a whopping $260 by finding items on yerdle instead of buying new and she only spent a total of $9 on shipping—impressive shopping.

In addition, here's what Felicity she said she loves about yerdle:

* Getting points for my stuff inspires me to clear clutter from my house * Having to use those points to get other people’s stuff makes me stop and think before jumping in to bid on someone else’s stuff: "Do I really want or need this?" and "Will there be other things I would rather get with these points?" * Point auctions also help to decipher who wants an item more. If I am willing to spend 30 points on something, and others are willing to keep bidding beyond that, they must want or need it more than I do * Yerdle’s flat-rate shipping rates are unbeatable and their shipping process is extremely easy, due in large part to the flat-rate setup * The app is very easy to use both to give and receive felicity* I can easily share listings with people, even if they don’t have the app. When I see something I’m considering bidding on, I’ve been known to hit the share button to have my mom or husband take a look. There are a variety of sharing options (text, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The item page shared includes the item picture, description, time left on the auction, location, and shipping costs.


It's official, we love moms! Thanks for sharing, Felicity!