Yerdle...A Cure for Pain?

This amazing story is brought to us by Kathy, a Pro Yerdler who's always contributing to the community. She was one of two members to reach 1,500 gives this year. WOW! Just wow. Here's how it all began:

There are many great reasons to Yerdle: save money, save space, save the earth. But Yerdling for pain relief??? Absolutely!

Two years ago I was a fit 44 year old in the best shape of my life. I was very active in unique exercises like belly dancing, burlesque, and Krav Maga. The latter is an aggressive self defense class. In my 4th year I sustained my worst injury in a long line of oopsies and can no longer stand or walk without chronic pain. 

I tried the lay in bed and pout, watch tv, wait for it to heal plan until I was suicidal. Then I tried more doctors, tests, physical therapy, drugs, chiropractic, nutrition, acupuncture, massage, hypnosis....nothing helped. 

Last October I found a link to Yerdle and was instantly hooked!! I am absolutely addicted!! I think about Yerdle constantly. What can I get? What can I give? What are people needing? Where can I find it? I Yerdle ALL my gifts for others (and a lot for myself). I take in unwanted items and Yerdle them to people who really want them. My entire wardrobe, purses, shoes, jewelry, home decor...all Yerdle!  

I've started crafting. I Yerdle old things, mostly birdhouses, and make them new again with Yerdled craft supplies and miniatures.  I've even started making custom houses for my fellow Yerdlers. It's all-consuming, exhausting and (here's the good part,) distracting. I'm able to forget about my pain while I create, shop, list, and pack. I get out of the house more and the folks at UPS know me by my big red wagon full of stickered boxes. 

Yerdle gave me a purpose. A reason to get out of bed. I'm in a hell of a lot of pain by the end of the day and I'm way too busy, but I'm loving my life and all that Yerdle has to give.

- Kathy S.

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