#YerdleCat Stories: A Purr-fect Ending

Over the summer months, we encouraged Yerdlers to enjoy themselves to the fullest and share their experiences with us across social media using the hashtag #SharingSummer. Three lucky winners were given gift cards so they could live out the summer adventure they had been craving. Kristen, a Pro Yerdler and recipient of a $50 gift card, sent us the most amazing email telling us what she did with her prize money. This is what she said:


Just wanted to let you know what I used my $50 gift card prize from Yerdle for!! I fostered 4 kittens this spring/summer for a few months. Three of them were adopted by wonderful families, and the 4th one (now named Pippi) came home with me, thanks to Yerdle!! Since I fostered Pippi and her siblings, they gave me a reduced adoption fee. I used the $50 gift card to adopt my kitten Pippi, and it has changed my life!

When she was a baby she was the runt of the litter, her siblings stole food from her, and she had a respiratory infection and got worms. The vet told me to prepare myself in case I lost her, but to give her some special attention. I did, she thrived, and now she is my baby Pippi. Thank you so much, Yerdle!! You provided a forever home for an amazing kitten named Pippi.

Thank you again!!


Kristen Clark

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