YerdleCon was amazing!

YerdleCon_snapshots Magic truly happened when 35+ Yerdle members and 10+ Yerdle staff got together in a room for YerdleCon last weekend. We are so grateful so many people chose to spend a Saturday with us. It was a day of mutual admiration and sharing, laughter and learning. We are building Yerdle together. Here are some comments in attendees own words about YerdleCon:

“I love how much you love our community! Thanks for making this an awesome experience, Yerdle is so much more than an App, it has changed my life for the better.”


“I thought it was a great first con.”


“Thank you so much for the awards portion. That was a great moment to experience. It was really cool to be recognized for my love of the Yerdle community.” - Charles H.


“It was amazing to get to participate in the breakout sessions – sitting next to CEO Andy and discussing ways to solve the bundling issues, making a suggestion, and having him light up and say “THAT is a really good idea.” even though it was something minor, pretty much made my day. Hearing personal stories and sharing ways Yerdle has helped me declutter and move items to new homes reminded me of why I started Yerdling more than a year ago, and hearing Adam and Andy talk about the future just solidified that commitment.” - Sara D.

Here’s what Pro Yerdler Leah Willoughby (who also received one of the “Heart of Yerdle” awards) had to say:

I could sum up Yerdlecon as bonding-over-brainstorming. So much of the day was focused around pulling ideas, sharing ideas, and listening to ideas. The most exciting part of this was how honestly excited the whole Yerdle staff was to hear our ideas and explain theirs.  We were able to hear from all the people working behind the scenes, and give our input as to what we would love Yerdle to be. Seriously, there were two hours blocked off for "creating your dream Yerdle" and that's exactly what we talked about for two hours--and probably could have gone longer.

And what an amazing opportunity to meet both the staff and other Yerdlers. It is an amazing environment when you have a room completely full of like-minded, forward-thinking people who share values on environment, reuse, and sharing. I can't say I have felt so included and important to a company, well, ever. And the community of Yerdlers just continues to make my heart happier. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend YerdleCon. I can't wait for next year!

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