#YerdleMakers: How Denise Made a Turkey Banner from Yerdles

Yerdle is such a terrific resource for craft and DIYers.


Three cheers for our crafty Yerdle community members! Meet Denise from Ohio, who had been waiting to find just the right fabrics to make this season-appropriate turkey banner for this holiday season!

Meet the Maker!

Denise, a happily retired crafter from Ohio, says, “My mother is an excellent sewer.  She wanted a fancier machine and I inherited her 'old' one which is a computerized newer model!  So to learn to use it, I started taking some classes making these 'monthly minis.' I really enjoy it.  I didn't have any fabric though.  I joined Yerdle about the same time I got my machine. I used a pattern I had. I've really enjoyed finding unique assorted fabric on Yerdle. The pattern is paper. My husband and I are both retired on limited income and happy to be able to enjoy hobbies now. So it's like Christmas every time I see fabric I can use on Yerdle. Kudos to my mom who has always been a crafting inspiration for me.”

Denise used a paper pattern and claimed the following Yerdles for the quilted fabric:

Four square inches of fabric for various projects” 

Full fat quarter, most of several others” 

Two cotton fabrics” 

Lots of different and colorful fabric” 

Yerdle found a simple, similar free pattern online here



What Denise gives on Yerdle: “I give some clothing but mostly items. Especially vintage. I have a vintage store on etsy and plan to move and post more on Yerdle so I can get the great things I've been seeing.”


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