#YerdleMakers: How Stephanie Filmed an Alien Invasion Movie from Yerdles

Yerdle for movie props? Absolutely. Meet Stephanie from Pennsylvania, a producer from Cinevore Studios who used Yerdle to source props for her upcoming release, Vessel.


From Stephanie: “We use Yerdle a lot! The alien-human hybrid movie is by Cinevore Studios. The stuff I got 100% through strangers from Yerdle include:

For the alien abduction scene, surgical instruments.  

For the hospital scene, scrubs.  

For wardrobe, for a wedding photo of the main characters in the background, a captain’s jacket and a wedding dress

For our mother character, who has also been “taken.” She is a deeply religious woman that thinks that wearing holy water will stop these abductions from happening to her, this vial necklace

For the set, so we can save money feeding people healthy food (we make these movies through a partnership at a non-profit, so they are sooo low budget): This steamer. 

For a painting at the doctor's office to cover the real doctor's logo AND for an episode of a show called Super Plumber Brothers, a parody of Mario & Luigi, this painting

We needed the paintings because Mario & Luigi go crazy "cleaning" an office and destroy a bunch of art. We didn't want high-priced art that would be missed, so Yerdle to the rescue! We managed to find a piece made of wood that took to dry erase marker well, so when we sprayed it, it looked like the entire painting melted - but we wiped it off and it's still good! If it ever dries. <Here are> things we added to our wishlist today: More fake mustaches and spirit gum. But only if bundled! We're not made out of gold coins, you know! [Super Mario joke].”

Rock on, Stephanie and the Cinevore Team!

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