Yerdling for Your Neighbors: An Inspiring Story of Music

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If you’ve been thrilled just to get cool items you want and need on yerdle, get ready to have your mind blown because creative pro yerdler Charles Hastings is leveling up his sharing. This summer Charles responded to a challenge from fellow pro yerdler, Michael D., to try out running a charity donation drive on yerdle. What might happen? Could it be done?

The result has been over 34 instruments collected and donated to a music program in San Lorenzo, California, serving kids who wouldn’t otherwise have access to musical education! You can see Charles and music teacher Kate in the picture below. All these items were sitting idle in someone’s home or garage, and now kids are getting inspired, getting creative, and getting down with some new grooves.  Yerdle on!

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Charles also found that the community rallied around him to help. He lead the charge, putting in his time, efforts and credits, but he didn’t collect all of these alone!

“I had no idea that over the course of the summer, I would develop such close friendships with the people who were helping me with my goal.  I also did not realize that this would be a very personal and fulfilling spiritual journey. At first it seemed as if this goal would be overwhelming but once it started, things just started falling into place.  The kindness and generosity of so many people helped to make this goal happen.  I would like to personally pass on this same challenge to anyone else, and encourage you to organize your own “music drive” and help give the gift of music to others in your own communities." - Charles Hastings

Yerdle Pros at Trader Vics

Within a few days of starting the drive and sharing his intention on Facebook, Charles experienced many pro yerdlers reaching out to offer help. Melissa from New York, Matt from Minnesota, Brenda from Hayward, and Marsha from Lafayette may have been strangers in May, but now they’re friends.

Charles scanned yerdle for instruments and won them, while other yerdlers found and posted special things just for him, and still other pros yerdled instruments with their own credits for the drive and arranged shipping to Oakland or coordinated with him to pick up the wins locally. Charles’ co-worker, Liz C., donated two acoustic guitars, his good friend, Gregory J. donated some amazing drums and another yerdler who lives nearby, Andew G., helped out with inspecting and tuning the instruments.  Even the staff at yerdle helped; My name is Lily (I’m writing this post) and I coordinated with Michael D., so he could win my electric guitar for the drive! It’s my favorite yerdle so far.

I asked Charles why this drive for musical instruments was special and he shared with me that for the last 12 years he has worked with a child center in the bay area that offers coordinated mental health, education, and family support services to children, youth, and families impacted by trauma, poverty, and other challenging socioeconomic circumstances.

“I've witnessed how the ability to create music can soothe tension and how it has the ability to transform sadness and aggression to hope and creativity. ...I believe that music is an avenue in which a world filled with suffering could be positively impacted….[B]y sharing instruments and musical experiences, children who would not normally have the opportunity, can experience a kind of freedom and self-discovery that is often stifled in an atmosphere of economic hardship.” - Charles Hastings


Amazing. Kind. True. So, who’s next? If you take up Charles’ challenge to organize your own music drive, or a campaign for something that matters to you, don’t forget to reach out to the yerdle community on Facebook. Folks are ready to help make it happen!

Thanks for bringing your love to yerdle and always sharing with your community.

You inspire us.

-Sincerely, the whole yerdle crew