Yerdling in the Fam: Teasha and Caroline’s Story

We had seen this exact fire pit before. It belonged to Matt Lewis, a former member of the Yerdle outreach team. He posted it a while back, and we were surprised to see it pictured now in its new home. Under the photo, Teasha wrote: “The fire pit I found on Yerdle for my mom, is what got her interested in the first place.” Wow! We’re always amazed at the web of relationships that flourish in the Yerdle community. Thanks for your generosity, Matt — we’re excited to see your fire pit live on with Teasha’s mom. It’s cool how one item can change someone’s life and help them discover the world of unshopping with Yerdle. :)

Read more about how Teasha inspired her mom to clean out her closets and fix up the house:

I started Yerdling around July of last year and I loved it immediately - I was finding all sorts of cool stuff for myself, but most importantly, I was finding new homes for all of my stuff that I hadn’t used in months/years.

It didn’t take long for my mom to ask why there were so many packages arriving at her house (I was still using her address for mail at the time). I explained how Yerdle worked, and from that point on, I would go over to my mom’s once or twice a week and we would open the packages together, many of which were surprises for her! It was like Christmas every week, and the best part is that we were reusing!

Around this time I was reaching Pro status, and becoming quite the Yerdle expert, so I coached her through opening her Yerdle account and posting her first few items. She has since been able to part with many of her “I might need it at some point” items and is building a solid Yerdle bank on her own now! Here is what my mom Caroline had to say about Yerdle:

”I am so inspired now that I have used Yerdle a few times!

I am now clearing out stuff that I had tucked in closets thinking that someday I might want it, or someday I might do something with it, and letting someone else actually use it NOW instead of someday! And the more cleaned out my closets get, and that people are happy to get the items, the more I am inspired to clean out more; can you believe that?!?! Yes, it is true ;-)

I love the feeling of sharing and doing something nice for someone, and the additional benefit of cleaned out closets is icing on the cake.

Thanks for teaching me to Yerdle; it’s almost as good as me teaching you to drive ;-)”

Now that my brother and I no longer live at home, my mom really wants to work toward fixing up the house and eventually putting it on the market, but decluttering has always been the hindering factor. Thanks to Yerdle, she is now well on her way to a clean and organized home, and to top it all off, she’s almost a Pro too!

All month long, we’re sharing stories of friends who Yerdle. Have you gotten a friend into Yerdle? Did they become a Yerdle maniac? Have you traded items on Yerdle?