Yerdling with Friends! The story of Jamie and Jessie

All month long, we’re sharing stories of friends who Yerdle. Have you gotten a friend into Yerdle? Did they become a Yerdle maniac? Have you traded items on Yerdle? Share your story here!

Our first story focuses on Jamie and Jessie from San Francisco, pictured above.

These two choir pals share a passion for clothing swaps, music, and now Yerdle. We asked them a few questions about how they met, how they got into Yerdle, and how Yerdle has impacted their lives.


Q: Tell us about yourself, Jamie and Jessie.

Jessie: My name is Jessie. I've lived in SF, in the same tiny room, for 11 years! I sing in a choir (Conspiracy of Venus), teach yoga, promote music shows (Seaweed Sway Presents), and nanny.

Jamie: My name is Jamie, I'm an Ethnomusicologist and work as a Community Manager in Entertainment tech. I have been a Yerdler for a year and a half now, and I’m using Yerdle to stock up on baby gear for the little one I’m carrying. :)


Q. How did you meet? How long have you been friends? What do you do together?

Jessie: We first met in a singing group, “Conspiracy of Venus”, in 2007, when we were both singing in it. Jamie left the choir, and we kept in touch, especially through the music world & our music blogs. We also hung out at clothing swaps! Later she rejoined the choir, thank goodness, and now we even sing together in the same section (soprano 2 represent!). We see each other every week, or more, to sing together!


Q. Who got into Yerdle first?

Jamie: I first got into Yerdle in 2014 and got addicted pretty quickly. I was helping family and friends clean out their closets (I like to help folks organize their stuff), and really started purging when I moved in with my minimalist husband, who also just became a Pro Yerdler. I've saved up quite a stack of Yerdle Dollars, and am now happily using them to get baby gear. The whole process of finding out that someone has claimed your item, packing it up with reused shipping materials and sending it off gives me a great satisfaction.


Q. What happened when Jamie invited you to Yerdle, Jessie?

Jessie: Jamie helped me with my very first Yerdle in November 2014, when she was helping me to clean my room & closet. She kept saying "you could Yerdle this" and at the end of our hangout, she helped me post curlers! I saved a pile of "future Yerdles" for a few months after that, and in April embarked on the #Y4M challenge, which motivated me to post everything I could bear giving away, and then some! I gave away 100 items that month, and am still at it. My small room is slowly becoming less cluttered, & I can see the light. As in I finally got to the back of my closet (an old guitar case! old shoes! old clothes I never wear!) and started giving away the things back there I never use. Since I've lived in the same little room for 11 years, I've been needing to get rid of stuff since I moved here. Yerdle was the missing link. Jamie led me to it. :)


Q. What has been awesome about Yerdling together?

Jessie: When we see each other, Jamie says: "How's it going with Yerdle?" So we actually check in about our Yerdling, which helps keep the momentum. Having Jamie's help with that first Yerdle post really made a difference. Otherwise I would have kept that mental block ("doing new things is hard; using new apps is not for me") for even longer! We support each other in a lifestyle of re-use and decluttering, instead of going to stores and buying new. We recently discussed (on a break during our choir's recording session) what she could get for her future baby on Yerdle: what should be bought new vs. what is OK to get used. When I became super obsessed with Yerdle, Jamie was there for me, and understood. She even gave me boxes when I ran out! :)

Jamie: Jessie and I share the sentiment that we feel a lot better about getting rid of something when we know that it's going to someone who wants it (why we love clothing swaps). We both love and believe in using second hand items and we both enjoy community. I also really just love her energy too, rejoining choir definitely had the perk of seeing Jessie every week. We joke around that we enjoy each other's presence so much that it makes us want to puke. We are very mature. :)


Q. Have you invited other friends to Yerdle? How is it impacting your other friendships?

Jessie: Yes definitely. I've been inviting all my friends and tell them all how much I love it. I'm finding that people are excited about it, and want to declutter-- but often do have that same challenge I had, of actually getting started. So I try to walk people through it when we are hanging out in person. I also try to remind them and forward the cool incentive emails from Yerdle. Maybe I will have a Yerdle party someday! Where everyone brings a few things they want to Yerdle, and I can help people make that first post!

Jamie: My husband is now into yerdle (he's just become a pro!) and I've also become friends with friends of friends who have Yerdled. I've also gotten to know local folks from doing local pick-ups and some of them have joined our SF Clothing Swap Facebook group, so I see them around as well.


8. Anything else?

Jessie: I love Yerdle!! It's changed my life. I keep having more ideas of what I want to get for myself and others (supplies for kids yoga teaching, an easel, a planner, wood that my Dad can use for carving), and there are endless items to giveaway. My "room cleaning project" has been weighing on me for years, even preventing me from hanging out with friends at times. Jamie's enthusiasm for Yerdle catapulted me to a happier place where I am confident I can clear the clutter.

Yerdle is really helping me to get to the next level of simplifying in my life, so that I can focus on my dreams. Enjoying & sharing yoga & music, gardening, art, & encouraging healthy responsible sustainable food choices.