Yoga Intervention Leads to yerdle, from yerdler Ryan Chahanovich

beach yoga It all started with a dirty, stinky, sweaty yoga mat. My girlfriend had been begging me to throw it out and get a new one. For some reason, I have never felt good about buying new yoga mats and every mat I have ever owned has came to me second hand—more by chance and less a conscience effort though.

Free Yoga Mat

I was introduced to yerdle the week before my yoga mat intervention, and was hooked right away. Being able to browse for free things was fun, but it was the giving part that most inspired me. I scoured my home for things to share with my friends and extended community. Now though, I had a legitimate need for something and decided to put out a request on the site. Later that day I got a response from Mike Z saying that he had a newish mat in his closet he would love to share.

Turns out Mike was a neighbor, so picking up the mat was a breeze. The timing even worked out perfectly as I was about to leave for Hawaii for a few weeks and really needed a mat so I could practice while there.


Have Yoga, Will Travel

I put the mat to use right away, actually busting it out in the airport terminal before my flight, garnering a few curious glances from my fellow passengers. Once I was in Hawaii, I would wake up every morning with the sun, sling the yoga mat over my shoulder then hop on my bike and pedal to my favorite secluded beach. I’d spend an hour or so doing yoga then go for a nice long swim.


A few days into the trip my girlfriend flew out to meet me. The previous few months had been difficult for us both, and the time together there was a way of healing and deepening our connection. Both of us being avid yoga practitioners, we began practicing a form of couples yoga called AcroYoga. We felt so inspired by the beauty of the practice that on our final evening on the island, we set up my DSLR camera on a timer right at sunset and captured some stop motion footage, which I edited together the next day on our flight back to San Francisco.

Of course, just before we departed I rolled out the mat again at the terminal.Curious glances be damned!This mat has become such an integral part of my

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daily life and I’m very grateful to Mike for giving it to me.

With that friends - open up your closet, join Yerdle, and give! Who knows how something that you no longer need may inspire someone else…