You Could Win A 2016 Yerdle Award

Our swapping community gets better with more items, more shoppers and more friends.

So this month, in the spirit of award season, we’re announcing the first annual Yerdle Awards to celebrate you, our members, for all you do to make Yerdle great.

All you have to do to enter is be an enthusiastic member of Yerdle. That’s it.

There are nine award categories you could win:

All month long we’ll be sharing ideas of how to get the most out of Yerdle and midway through February, we’ll update the community on the top 3 contestants for each category and where you individually stand on gives, gets and friends.

You could be the next winner and the awards are grand! Each Yerdle Award winner will receive:

  • 5 Free Shipping Credits
  • A shipping pack mailed to you with Yerdle stickers and colorful markers
  • A phone call with Yerdle team members to share your Yerdle ideas
  • A blog post profiling you in the month of March AND
  • A dedicated themed-posting party announcement in the next three months to help you get what you want on Yerdle.

Roll out the red carpet and get on Yerdle friends! We’re excited to highlight your awesomeness!

Here are the specifics of how to participate for each Award category:

* To participate in the "Best Giver," "Newbie," and "Day Breaker" Yerdle Awards items must be given (posted + shipped) between Monday 2/1 and Thursday 2/24 11:59 PM PST.  

* To participate in the "Best Shopper," and "Newbie" Yerdle Awards items must be claimed between Monday 2/1 and Thursday 2/24 11:59 PM PST.  

* To participate in the "Best Friend" Yerdle Award friends must sign up between Monday 2/1 and Thursday 2/24 11:59 PM PST.  

*   Visits to Yerdle for the "Loyalist" Yerdle Award will be counted for the following dates Monday 2/1 through Thursday 2/24 11:59 PM PST.  

* Nomination awards: "Best Supporting Member," "Most Spirited," and "Socialista," will be selected by the Yerdle Awards Board made up of anonymous community members. To participate share #YerdleAwards on social media (Yerdle Facebook page or tag us on Instagram and Twitter) or email us at