You Helped Us Plant 250 Trees for Earth Day!

Last month we celebrated Earth Day and encouraged our community to reduce their carbon footprint by using biodegradable or recycled products whenever possible.

We challenged our members to post 10 items on Yerdle with the hashtag #EarthDay and we agreed to plant a tree for every person who participated.

Our team is thrilled to announce that 250 trees will be planted in our nation's forests to honor our members and their commitment to sustainable living. Thank you for your help!

Just to give you an idea of what 250 trees can do for our environment, consider this:

  • On average, one mature tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year. That's enough oxygen for two people. 250 trees X 260 pounds of oxygen = 65,000 pounds of oxygen each year.
  • One tree can also intercept about 760 gallons of rainwater in its lifetime. 250 trees X 760 gallons of rainwater = 190,000 gallons of rainwater intercepted. 

In the spirit of sustainability, we'd love to share with you 5 reasons why we need trees:

  1. Trees Produce Oxygen - let's be honest, we couldn't exist as we do without trees. We breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Trees do the opposite.
  2. Trees Help Prevent Soil Erosion - trees prevent soil erosion by slowing runoff and holding soil in place, protecting the soil from the impact of rain.
  3. Trees Purify the Air - trees cleanse the air by blocking airborne particles and absorbing pollutants.
  4. Trees Provide Food - trees provide food in the form of fruits, leaves, bark, roots, and nuts. Aside from providing fruit for humans, trees also provide food for birds and wildlife.
  5. Trees Conserve Energy - trees that lose all of their leaves each fall save energy in the summer by shading houses, paved areas, and air conditioners.

It's not too late to board the sustainability train. Extend the life of your items and give them a new home!