Your Unused Stuff Can Change The World

Did you know that 99% of all teachers spend money from their own pockets to outfit their classroom? Teacher salaries in the U.S. are already lower than Spain, Ireland and Korea. And schools need more than school supplies.

During the recession, both Chicago and Philadelphia slashed their music and arts programs to save money. We think there’s something fundamentally wrong about cutting arts education. But what is a strapped school district to do?  What if we could help every teacher in America get what they need for their classrooms? What if we could make sure that every student had a guitar or a violin available to them to play?

What if you could turn your stuff into support for the causes you care about?

Today we’re launching the Yerdle Fund, an initiative created by the Yerdle community to transfer your unused Yerdle Dollars into support for local causes that need the type of items that show up on Yerdle. 

Post your items like you normally do on Yerdle, and donate the Yerdle Dollars you earn to the Yerdle Fund. Your Yerdle Dollars will be distributed to the causes selected by the volunteer Yerdle Fund committee.

You could be helping Yerdle Fund cause leader Kyle Wilkie's 5th and 6th grade kids with special needs in California. Or you could be helping Catherine Allen in South Berwick, Maine find new homes for orphaned cats and dogs.

We’ll send you regular reports on the effect of your Yerdle Fund donations. When you donate to the Yerdle Fund, the Yerdle Fund volunteer committee will distribute the Yerdle Dollars to the causes that need them the most.  If you have a cause that needs the types of things that you see on Yerdle, you can apply for a grant of $1,000 Yerdle dollars.

We’re amazed by the generosity and ingenuity of the Yerdle community. We thank you for joining us in supporting these causes.  

The Yerdle Fund Causes

  • Carrington College Clothing Drive

    • Cause Leader: Becky Cardwell

    • Sacramento, CA

    • I’m an academic coach and we collect quality clothing for our low income students to help them make a great impression in job interviews.

    • Nice interview clothes, shoes and accessories for men and women.  

  • Special Education Teacher

    • Kyle Wilke

    • Mission Viejo, CA

    • I’m a 5th and 6th grade special education teacher. My cause is my students! I will use this grant to get classroom supplies for my students.

    • Old iPads, iPods, laptops or computers and basic supplies like copy paper, pencils, pens  crayons, and children's books

  • Wear & Share

    • Terri Rozelle

    • Buffalo, NY

    • Wear & Share provides donated clothes to children and teens in the local community.  I am on a mission to fill some gaps in their wish list.

    • Clothes and shoes for all kids and teens, but specifically pre-teen boys

  • North strand helping hand

    • Christina Zacharopoulos

    • Longs, SC

    • North Strand Helping Hand gives emergency aid to families in need. They provide food, clothing, and financial resources.

    • clothing, shoes, baby items, non-perishable foods, & school supplies

  • The Pixel Fund

    • Animal rescue and advocacy

    • Catherine Allen

    • South Berwick, ME

    • The Pixel fund rehabilitates and finds homes for orphaned cats and dogs, working on breaking the stigma that rescues are broken pets. I got my pup here!

    • Collars, bowls, toys, blankets and other goodies

  • The Chick With Pits

    • Kristin Klahn

    • Caddo Mills, TX

    • We’re a rescue and sanctuary whose mission is to rehabilitate, rehome, and educate spay/neuter practices, working with animals from cats and dogs to sugar gliders and goats.

    • purina food, crates, bowls, collars, leashes, preventatives, shampoo, conditioner, toys

  • Mary’s Place

    • Trista Robinson

    • Seattle, WA

    • Mary’s Place empowers homeless women, children and families to reclaim their lives by providing shelter, nourishment, resources, healing and hope in a safe community.

    • women's and children's clothing, household items and toiletries, beauty products, hair care, and jewelry